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New Jersey Communities United

New Jersey Communities United

Membership Coordinator

Statewide – New Jersey

New Jersey Communities United is a progressive, grassroots, community-based organization with a mission to build power for low-income communities, working-class communities, and communities of color in New Jersey. The communities where we organize have historically been stripped of decision-making, targeted for repression when they have demanded self-determination and decision-making authority, and treated solely as the recipients of services. NJCU’s theory of power is rooted in the historical fact that the collective action of traditionally marginalized communities transforms the institutions and processes that control decision-making and the distribution of resources that determine social outcomes.

NJCU’s strategy for building power requires directly impacted constituents to skillfully engage in organizing, committee building, and leadership development. NJCU’s grassroots structure – led by our members under guidance of organizers – have influenced policies at the local, county, state and federal levels in the areas of housing, education, healthcare and worker justice. NJCU continually works to grow, develop, and maintain our grassroots membership base in order to shift dominant narratives, develop theory and practice for action, create political crises, confront decision-makers, make demands for policy changes, and ultimately assume control over the decision-making processes and the distribution of resources that affect the conditions in our communities.

NJCU is currently seeking a statewide Membership Coordinator to expand our base, develop our leaders, and create a sustainable grassroots canvass model. The candidate must have 7 or more years organizing experience in a grassroots social justice organization or a labor union. Experience developing rank and file leadership is a must, as well as the ability to teach organizing skills in a community setting.  The position requires that most of the Membership Coordinator’s time is spent in the field building, developing, expanding and maintaining a base of leaders. The Member Coordinator will work closely with NJCU’s Lead Organizers to integrate the base into existing campaigns and create innovative organizing trainings that create an autonomous base of members who will grow the organization. The right candidate must have experience developing a dues-paying membership base and leading grassroots fundraising efforts. The Membership Coordinator will work with NJCU’s Lead Organizers to develop comprehensive workplans and execute the tactics to meet strategic goals.

NJCU fosters an atmosphere of direct and open communication to honestly assess our campaigns and to inform strategic planning.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience supervising field or canvass staff, developing member organizers, working with rank and file membership and be fluent in Spanish.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Lead, guide, and train members in the field;
  • Build one-on-one relationships with community members;
  • Develop, grow, & sustain a dues-paying membership base;
  • Make accurate leadership assessments;
  • Build strong organizing committees and develop leaders of increasing skill and autonomy;
  • Work with the base to develop concise and clear campaign messages, both verbally and in writing;
  • Use strategic judgment and problem-solving skills;
  • Plan, organize, run, and facilitate community meetings and organizing trainings;
  • Develop strategic campaign plans;
  • Record, maintain, track, and analyze organizing and membership data to inform campaign planning and the growth of NJCU’s membership base.

Primary Qualifications:

  • A demonstrated commitment to grassroots, base-led organizing of campaigns focused on social and economic justice
  • 7 years or more of labor and/or community organizing experience;
  • A demonstrated commitment to Direct Action organizing
  • Demonstrated decisive leadership experience;
  • An ability to empathize and move others to action;
  • Ability to remain focused, detail-oriented, organized, and highly flexible in a fast-paced campaign atmosphere;
  • Experience utilizing popular education and praxis
  • Ability to work independently and as a team player in a diverse and highly collaborative work environment;
  • A strong work ethic and firm understanding of the necessity of historically marginalized communities to exercise collective self-determination;
  • Willingness and ability to work evenings and weekends when projects demand it;
  • Ability to work with a large and diverse cross-section of members and allies;
  • A sophisticated understanding of labor unions and the intersection of community and labor organizing;
  • An ability to challenge authority and to be comfortable with confrontation;
  • Experience working with database software to track and analyze data;
  • Familiarity with basic office software programs;
  • A valid driver’s license, an insured vehicle, and the ability to drive long distances within the State of New Jersey.

To Apply
Please include “Membership Coordinator” in the subject heading of your email, résumé, cover letter & salary requirements to:

Women, People of Color and GLBQT candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

WHEN APPLYING: Be sure to indicate that you saw this information at UNIONJOBS.COM.

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